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Mobile is the New Personal Computer

As we move into a future where more and more people are interacting with the world through their phones, it’s hard to imagine how any business can survive without a strong mobile presence. The smart phone is literally the Personal Computer of our age.


Many people consider their smart phone as important as their car


Wearables & IOT

While some mobile developers are still thinking about "getting into" Wearables and the Internet of Things, We've already assisted companies like Fossil, Michael Kors, and ilumi build real products in this new space.

If you need custom Android Wear work or have the desire to connect a mobile app to IOT devices over Bluetooth Low Energy, we've got you covered.


Mobile + Artificial Intelligence

New Machine Learning algorithms such as Deep Learning are not only making Artificial Intelligence a reality, but are creating new and exciting ways for businesses to differentiate themselves and their products.

You don't have to be building a self-driving car to get a benefit out of AI integration. These new AI platforms can help businesses unlock the patterns hidden in their data, transform the relationship between their customers and their brand and even automate the improvement of business processes through real-time feedback.


Learn from the Pros

If you're building a mobile app on your own and can't afford the full-service treatment, The Guild can still help out.

Our in-house consulting program offers mentoring on mobile app development and access to the same private code samples we use internally to build professional iOS and Android apps.

Even if you do the coding yourself, having access to professional guidance and working bits of code can dramatically accelerate your own app development and help to enforce industry best practices.

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